The Manta5 SL3 Hydrofoil Bike: The awesome new version first ride report

If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy the water and stay active, the Manta5 SL3 hydrofoil bike might just be the perfect solution. I had the opportunity to try out this innovative water bike recently, and I was thoroughly impressed with its capabilities.

I started with the deep water start. At first I wasn’t holding my feet at the same height on the pedal. After a few failed attempts I learned it was important to balance your weight on the pedals to keep a straight track. Having found my balance, I put trust in the throttle to bring me to the surface. Once I was on the foil, the bike maintained elevation and stability, even through a few boat wakes.

After riding around for a bit, I was able to crank the pedals and adjust the ride assist to my liking. I found that full assist made pedaling almost unnecessary, so I backed off on the assist seeking more of a challenge. Riding on the foil was a unique sensation, different from other foils I have experienced but still a cool experience.

The bike maintained stability when standing on the pedals and when seated on the saddle, and the self-leveling wing configuration made it easy to ride. Turning was also effortless, with broad turns requiring only a slight lean and a turn of the tiller. In no time I wanted to see how the SL3 carved and found that it was possible with a bit more agressive body lean and a quick rotation of the tiller.

A word of caution, if you stop pedaling, it sinks into the water, so if you need a break, just hit the throttle to maintain plane while you sit back and relax. You may be wondering about falling from the bike. This was no big deal at all; you just sink back into the water. No need to jump from the bike; its safety sensors kill the prop when it hits extreme angles.

Overall, I spent about an hour or so pushing the Manta5 SL3 through it’s paces. I found it to be a repeatable and enjoyable experience. This is going to be a great crossover for foilers who are also cyclists (think low levels of assist) while at the same time being a fun fun leisure activity for families (think high assist). I was so impressed with the bike that I signed up to become a dealer. Unhooked Sports will be offering sales, lessons, and rentals. The ETA is June or July. We have a very limited number of stock coming in; reach out to us about pre-orders.

In conclusion, the Manta5 SL3 is an exciting and innovative way to stay active on the water. Whether you’re an experienced water sports enthusiast or a complete beginner, I highly recommend giving the Manta5 SL3 a try. Who knows, maybe we’ll even see some races on these things in the future!

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